Pre-Conference Courses

Pre-Conference Course - 01

Dr. Giuliano Fragola

Topic: Digital Impressions

Course Fee : 4500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 02

Andreas Halamoda &
Dr. Anam Chandrasekhar

Topic: Basics to Advanced Implantology

Course Fee : 3500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 03

Dr. Jangala Hari & Dr. Mithun Jith

Topic: Digital Smile Design with Photography

Price : 4500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 04

Dr. Saiesha Mistry

Topic: Mastering Anterior Composites

Course Fee : 2500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 05

Dr.Jose Thomas

Topic: "Microesthetics" in anterior composite restoration - Advanced layering and characterization techniques.

Course Fee : 3500/- (Incl of ₹ 1500/- worth materials)

Pre-Conference Course - 06

Dr. P. Venkat Ratna Nag

Topic: Immediate Implantation And Loading With Six Implants With Ttphil All- Tilt™️ Technique

Course Fee : 4500/- (Includes 1 Bioline Implant)

Pre-Conference Course - 07

Dr. R. S. Mohan Kumar

Topic: Indirect Laminates

Course Fee : 2500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 08

Prof Dr. Raghu Narayan

Topic: Canal shaping and 3D obturation.

Course Fee : 4000/-

Pre-Conference Course - 09

Dr. Vinod Kumar

Topic: RCT Re Treatment Workshop

Course Fee : 2500/-

Pre-Conference Course - 10

Dr.Pratiek Gupta

Topic: Posterior contacts and contours using the Bioclear concept.

Course Fee : 2500/-

Dr. Sandesh Mayekar

Topic: Functional Smile Design

Dr. Moez I.Khakiani

Topic: Bonded Restorations For The Entire Dentition: The Table Top Concept

Dr. Jayshree Hegde Anil

Topic: Minimally Invasive Endodontics

Dr. Kishore HC

Topic: Implant Maintenance Based on iTOP Philosophy

Dr. Ketham Ramanarayana Reddy

Topic: Transforming quality in oralcare and patient safety

Dr. Kumar Rajan

Topic: Rules and regulations for practising dentistry in Telangana

Dr. Ram Basany

Topic: “Character-i-se”

Dr. Akash Chakravarthy

Topic: Graft-less, Immediate Loading Solutions for Atrophic Jaws