Guidelines for Crown preparation competitionApply

Registered delegate at the time of submission of Crown preparation competition to enable online submission.

Abstract can be submitted under 2 categories


    1. Post Graduate Students (pursuing prosthodontics and Endodontics )
    2. Practitioners / Faculty (For general dental practioners and other specialists who are other than prosthodontist and endodontists BDS completed students in internship.)

Last date of submission : 1st December 2019.

  • Note: This is excluded for post graduate qualified Prosthodontists and endodontists practitioners
  • Participants should submit case of a single crown either in anterior , premolars or posterior dentition

Enqueries regarding Crown preparation competition can be mailed to


Any endodontic treatment done on the tooth alternatives to the crown treatment

For Eg:
  • Anterior tooth can be bleached if there is discoloration
  • Posterior root canal treated tooth can be restored by onlays

Photographs to be submitted

  • Pre operative and post operative photographs
  • Pre operative and post operative IOPA/ Bite wing X rays
  • Completely prepared tooth photograph
  • Any gingival retraction done – with cord, LASER, Electrocautery
  • Picture of impression highlighting the tooth of interest
  • Picture of cast – die prepared
  • Picture of the crown on cast
  • Picture of the crown in mouth with occlusal adjustments marks
  • Photographs of crown after final cemettion

Details of planning for the crown

• All the mentioned clinical information along with necessary photographs are to be submitted to the assessment committee in power point format in not more than eight slides with no back ground